August 2017 Radio Episode: Criminal Justice Reform: Implications for Services to Address Mental and/or Substance Use Disorders

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

As part of criminal justice system reform, many people in prison for non-violent drug offences will be released early. Although some of these individuals may have received treatment while incarcerated, others may not have. This show will discuss how communities are addressing prisoner re-entry, including the efforts of states and municipalities to establish programs to assist those in need of services for mental and/or substance use disorders. Panelists will explore how communities can engage people in treatment and recovery programs when they re-enter society. The discussion will cover the types of services needed to address behavioral health conditions and reduce recidivism among justice-involved individuals—as well as vital recovery supports for housing, education/training, and health. This show will also discuss some effective practices that are in place in various communities to address the needs of prisoners re-entering their communities.

Last Updated: 09/14/2017