August 2018 Trailer: Workforce - Training and Education

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Recent increases in insurance coverage for treatment of mental and substance use disorders are a significant development in improving the state of behavioral health in the U.S. However, additional coverage does not guarantee access or that the services provided will be effective. Sustaining a qualified, fully functioning behavioral health treatment and recovery support workforce is part of that equation. This show highlights strategies to address the current and future workforce needs in behavioral health. Panelists discuss topics such as certified peer support and coaching, the role of specialists, linguistic and cultural competency, and how to educate workforce leadership about integral partners in recovery. Also featured are strategic programs designed to meet the workforce challenges of the 21st century, including building an understanding of recovery-oriented practices. Leading educators speak about training strategies to develop practitioners skilled in trauma and trauma-related work and how to educate the behavioral health field about successful interventions. Finally, panelists examine ways to improve workforce competency and staff retention: identify the importance of proper recruitment, training, retraining and cross training to support a motivated, competent workforce in an integrated system of care.

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Last Updated: 08/01/2018