April 2018: Treatment 101: Finding Effective Care

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

National Recovery Month communicates the critical message that mental health services, treatment for substance use disorders, and recovery support services make it possible for those with mental and substance use disorders to lead healthy, rewarding, and productive lives. This show features the different types of evidence-based treatments and resources that are available today for persons recovering from mental and substance use disorders. The panelists discuss the importance of integrated and personalized treatment, including programs targeting families, faith-based program solutions, trauma-informed care, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), peer-led support and others. Experts highlight the need for evidence-based research that measures the improvements and positive outcomes achieved when implementing best practices.  Panelists also address the barriers to quality care, treatment of co-occurring disorders, and the role behavioral health counselors can play in primary care settings. Finally, the show highlights recovery as an ongoing process, one that is best served by perseverance, open-mindedness and resiliency.


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Last Updated: 04/04/2018