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May 2017: Providing Treatment and Recovery Support in Rural and Frontier Communities

The nation’s rural and frontier communities face some challenges when addressing behavioral health conditions and gaining access to treatment and recovery services.

August 2015 Trailer: Preventing and Addressing Homelessness Among People With Mental and/or Substance Use Disorders

Learn about causes of and solutions for homelessness in people with mental and/or substance use disorders.

November 2016: A Showcase of Events

Community events are the cornerstone of National Recovery Month and drive engagement in supporting recovery. See interviews from nationwide events as individuals, families, and communities celebrate.

November 2017 Trailer: A Showcase of Events

Recovery from mental and/or substance use disorders share similarities for all on this journey, regardless of community or background.

June 2017 Trailer: Community Health Centers and First Responders: Strengthening Communities through Education

Community Health Centers (CHCs) and first responders provide a vital and necessary role in addressing the critical behavioral health needs of communities.

March 2018 Trailer: Kickoff Show Video
July 2015 Television Episode: Overcoming Trauma and Violence: The Power of Resiliency

This episode explores the three “Es” of trauma: Event(s), Experience of Event(s), and Effect. It also emphasizes the fulfilling path to resiliency that helps people tap into their strengths.

September 2016 Radio Episode: Building Family Resiliency: Supporting Recovery

Find out how families remain hopeful while facing the challenges of preventing relapse and what they do if relapse occurs. Learn how to educate family members, and techniques that pave the path to recovery.

March 2018 Radio Episode: Kickoff Show Radio
April 2018 Radio Episode: Treatment 101: Finding Effective Care Radio