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August 2017 Trailer: Criminal Justice Reform: Implications for Services to Address Mental and/or Substance Use Disorders

This show will discuss how communities are addressing prisoner re-entry into society.

June 2015 Trailer: Screening and Assessments for Mental and/or Substance Use Disorders: The Role of Primary Care

Past trauma can lead to mental and emotional states that hurt a person’s recovery. Explore the three “Es” of trauma: Event(s), Experience of Event(s), and Effect and the path to resiliency.

August 2016: Preventing and Addressing Opioid Misuse and Abuse: Our Nation’s Challenge

Find out about trends in opioid and heroin use and related disorders, treatment options and anti-drug trafficking efforts, and programs to counter increased risk of HIV and hepatitis.

August 2017: Criminal Justice Reform: Implications for Services to Address Mental and/or Substance Use Disorders

Upcoming reforms to the justice system will have many people in prison for non-violent drug offences released early. 

May 2015 Trailer: Healing and Empowerment: Families on the Road to Recovery

This show examines the benefits of peer support and networks aimed at families as well as the individual member in recovery.

August 2016 Trailer: Preventing and Addressing Opioid Misuse and Abuse

This show highlights trends in opioid misuse and heroin use; opioid use disorders; and related emergency department visits, overdose, and treatment episodes, among other topics.

June 2018 Trailer: Taking on the Opioid Crisis: Aligning Federal, State, and Local Responses Video
July 2016 Radio Episode: Family Recovery: Prevention and Treatment Approaches for Diverse LGBT Families

Acceptance or conflict about sexual orientation and gender identity can impact behavioral health. Explore recovery,  prevention  and  treatment for LGBT families with focus on individual communities.

September 2017 Radio Episode: Recovery Among Diverse Populations

Recovery from mental and/or substance use disorders share similarities for all on this journey, regardless of community or background.

July 2018 Radio Episode: Justice Intervention: Bringing Services to Scale Radio