Public Policy

These organizations influence mental and/or substance use disorder policy initiatives and raise awareness of behavioral health issues.

Faces and Recovery UK

We are a policy advocacy movement that is taking on issues of discrimination, social justice and service access. 

We are also a public and professional education movement, intent on challenging stigma. We do this by delivering messages of hope to the cultures of addiction within our systems and treatment.

What we hope to show via the walks and Faces & Voices of Recovery UK is


VOCAL focuses on creating broad-scale social change, as well as change in the lives of individuals. They work to transform the mental health system, and create alternatives to the system, by promoting mental health recovery, self-determination, and peer leadership.

Personal Empowerment Recovery Coalition (PERC)

The Personal Empowerment Recovery Coalition is a statewide, peer-run organization that exists to advocate for the empowerment of people with lived experiences of behavioral health challenges, trauma, or extreme states. It promotes transformation of behavioral health care to be compassionate, trauma-informed, person-centered, and strength-based, and educates policy makers, behavioral health consumers, and the general public in Arkansas to eliminate discrimination and demonstrate that recovery is possible.

Oregon Mental Health Consumer/Psychiatric Survivor Coalition (OCSC)

The Oregon Mental Health Consumer/Psychiatric Survivor Coalition works to establish a statewide network of people who identify as having a psychiatric diagnosis and/or who feel labeled by one, to share ideas, provide mutual support, work toward common goals, strengthen peer-run organizations, and advocate for positive change in the mental health system.

Behavioral Health and Wellness

Behavioral Health and Wellness (formerly, Mental Health Action) is a grassroots, statewide, consumer-run organization organized to be an education and advocacy organization. Their goals include being change agents regarding policy and plan development that effect behavioral health services; supporting individuals with behavioral health challenges to promote hope, recovery and resiliency among individuals with behavioral health challenges.

Alcohol Justice

Alcohol Justice is a policy-focused organization that offers training and publications primarily concerned with alcohol marketing practices and counter strategies. It works closely with the World Health Organization and other groups to promote environmental prevention.

American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA)

The American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA) works exclusively for licensed mental illness counselors by advocating for legislation that expands, enhances, and protects the right to practice; promotes mental illness awareness; and builds the profession of mental illness counseling nationally. AMHCA works to enhance the profession of clinical mental health counseling through licensing, advocacy, education, and professional development.


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