Peer/Mutual Support Groups

Oregon Mental Health Consumer/Psychiatric Survivor Coalition (OCSC)

The Oregon Mental Health Consumer/Psychiatric Survivor Coalition works to establish a statewide network of people who identify as having a psychiatric diagnosis and/or who feel labeled by one, to share ideas, provide mutual support, work toward common goals, strengthen peer-run organizations, and advocate for positive change in the mental health system.

Mental Health Empowerment Project-New York

The Mental Health Empowerment Project offers skill-building activities and education related to self-help, mutual support, and recovery; organizes people to create desired change in their communities; creates workshops and skill-building seminars that help individuals find and connect with their personal power; and offers all phases of assistance to establish self-help groups throughout New York state.

Mental Health Advocacy, Inc.

The mission of Mental Health Advocacy, Inc. is to promote mental health wellness and recovery by encouraging and promoting peer support and recovery education. It links or provides social, educational, and advocacy opportunities to enrich of quality of life of people with mental health issues.


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