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Read Personal Stories

Review the personal stories of people recovering from mental and/or substance use disorders.

These personal stories share strategies individuals have used to overcome obstacles and achieve success with their recovery efforts.

“The freedom from guilt, shame, and hurt is the biggest gift my recovery has given me.”
“Helping people find sobriety and community has filled a hole in me that I was trying to fill with alcohol.”
“My life today in recovery is something I only dreamed of in my darker moments.”
“I may have a few more gray hairs because of my son’s addiction, but I am emotionally richer because of it. And that's not such a bad thing.”
“Today my life isn’t about hiding and getting what I want, it is about helping people, sharing my passion for recovery and hope!”
“Recovery has given me the chance to become who I was always meant to be, and to help others do the same.”
“Every day is a new opportunity to learn and grow, and I do not take any of it for granted. I am so grateful to be on this journey and to have found this new way of life.”
“My life would have been so very different today if not for accepting recovery!”
“Until we feel we can be with ourselves and know our own worth we will constantly be giving our power to others to validate us or heal us.”
“I was the classic high-functioning boozer. Fine on the outside, but in reality not fine at all. In reality drinking far too much wine all the time.”


Last Updated: 02/27/2015