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Read Personal Stories

Review the personal stories of people recovering from mental and/or substance use disorders.

These personal stories share strategies individuals have used to overcome obstacles and achieve success with their recovery efforts.

“‘One Day at a Time’ is used in all 12-step programs and even though it may be an old and dusty bumper sticker slogan, I noticed this really works for me....”
“But the most important thing is that I put down my wine glass on January 7, 2010. And I'm grateful every day that I did.”
“I was as deep into meth as anyone could possibly be for about 3 years. I lost everything, and ended up doing almost 4 years in jail and prison.”
“I realize now that I had to hit rock bottom before I was able to face my true self. Having lost the most important things to me, I knew this was necessary.”
“And realize this, what you are going through is there to propel and thrust you into the next chapter in your life.”
“I have 21 years of personal long-term recovery and now have a Master's Degree in Addiction Studies and work in the field of behavioral health ….”
“My experiences with mental illness opened my eyes to the possibility that any of us could be afflicted with mental health issues.”
“We are seeing recovery take root in many more Veterans' lives; and my participation within this effort is cherished among my greatest blessings and privilege.”


Last Updated: 02/27/2015