you CAN bounce back


According to my research, in the year 2018 one out of every five people in the United States are diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. I am a woman living with a mental illness and I would like to share some of my strengths with you.
A positive approach to getting your life back is being resourceful. In finding help.  Once you seek treatment the challenge for you is to find stability. And remember, you are not alone and there is no shame in any of this. You may even qualify for discounted or sliding fee services.
 Some of the skills that I use are closing my eyes and smelling fresh flowers. Also, a gentle yoga class or DVD from the library can teach you how to meditate and focus on your breath. The benefit is that you will keep your stress in check.
Journaling and sewing are my favorite hobbies. When I write I release tension and anxiety. I manage my emotions in my diary. And when I sew I am so mindful that the time just passes quickly with no worries. It is fun and you can let your creativity flow.
Painting with watercolors can have the same calming effect as the above. Just paint colorful strokes on paper and you will feel distracted form your troubles. You can do this activity alone or with a friend to combat isolation.
I hope you like my suggestions for a healthy recovery. Find what works for you. There is no pressure. Also a nutritious diet with short walks can be life changing. Please understand that it is your responsibility to take care of yourself. Start slow and move into a direction of leading a more healthful life. You’re worth it.


Last Updated: 10/11/2018