This is the story of my journey to recovery.


Hello my name is Josephine Nyame and this is my story . It started about 15 years ago when I was addicted to alcohol and crack cocaine. I was very depressed and I was really going through a lot in my life . My children were affected by it and it was such a horrible thing for a mother to go through. I was surrounded by the wrong people and the wrong atmosphere i was doing things that werent right and i didnt feel good about myself at all. I finally reallized that this was not the right life for me. I admitted myself into the Presbyterian hospital for the outpatient program in March of 2004, I was so scared but i knew that i had to do it for myself and for my children who are all grown now. On this day i was transported to the Keystone Mercy Treatment Center in West Chester Pa. . I recieved the best care and the best help . This was something that i didnt want to do but i did . I went to all the groups and all the classes which gave me the strength to do what i had to do . In April 2004 i graduated from the program and my whole life was changed. It took a long time for my family and my friends and society to accept me again. But i worked really hard to stay clean and to go on with my recovery. Now 15 years later life is just wonderful. I am happy with my family and my friends i have a very good job and i have my peace of mind. I hope that my story is a inspiration to someone out there . Recovery is such a beautiful thing.

Last Updated: 09/27/2018