Stacey: Addressing Her Husband's Substance Use and Healing Together

Stacey Meyer
A woman married to a recovering alcohol and drug user shares her story of support.

Stacey Meyer
Family Member
Ashburn, VA

My story began 13 years ago when I met my husband who was abstinent from alcohol and drugs. Things were great, and I didn’t fully understand what recovery meant, or what it meant to be abstinent from alcohol and drugs. So when he started using again, it created a tremendous strain on our relationship. It was very stressful for both of us, and for several years we had a roller coaster of a ride within our marriage and our relationship.

When my husband sat down with me and told me he had an addiction and needed help, I didn’t berate or belittle him. I simply asked the question, “What do we need to do?” because we were in it together. He immediately went to a meeting and into a treatment center, and he has been working an amazing program and improving himself on a daily basis. Recently, I’ve been attending recovery support meetings, and together we are working on ourselves individually and as a couple. We have a long road ahead of us, but I’m optimistic because we have a better relationship today than we had 13 years ago. I’m hopeful that it will only get stronger as we both heal.

Last Updated: 12/18/2015