PTO-Betty Crocker to Drunken HO


At 37 years old I was a married for 18 years a mother of two children 12 and 9. A beautiful house, nice cars, vacations, we had it all. That is what the kids and my husband thought. I was unhappy. I switched my addiction to food when I had a gastric bypass to alcohol and in no time the drug took over my whole life. I divorced my husband; I lost my house and cars, my kids didn't like me anymore because their mom not only divorced their dad but was now bringing home a different man every night and then after a few years having an abusive man move in. I drank for six years, and in the six years aside from losing all of the above, I had three DUI's driving under suspension one miscarriage, one full-term baby that I gave up to my sister for adoption. Enough was enough after I was rapped by a cab driver. I was dating a good man, (my now husband) one that didn't drink more than two drinks and didn't know that I had a problem. He found out, and I went to rehab and then jail for three months. Life was not easy when I got out of jail. It was hard to get a job, but I finally did, and then I had 2, I started a home-based bakery, was a runner-up in a magazine for the cover, learned radio from the same man I was with before jail and became a radio host and hosted my own radio show called Addiction, Voice of Hope. It ran for four years before I took it off the air because I was bored and it needed to change. I am not a full time Certified Peer Support for ICAN Housing, and I still do radio at times with my husband. I have worked hard and continued to work hard. I am now raising 2 of my husband's grandkids due to his ex-daughter-in-law addiction problem. We will have them until they turn 18 and they are 12, 13, we have had them for 4 years. This has tested my sobriety. The old female child has mental health issues, and our household can be rough and has almost killed my marriage, but we keep fighting for our love and family. We bring in professionals to help. We ask for help!  We need air to breathe; I  need sobriety to live. 

Last Updated: 08/10/2018