Natalie: Brutal Honesty - The Journey of an Alcoholic Mother

Natalie Calkins Rountree
A woman shares her story of recovering from alcohol abuse and piecing her life back together

After 15 years of being a prisoner to alcohol, I had exhausted myself and dropped to the ground. I had been charged with 3 DUIs, 2 felonies, and child endangerment, and endured a devastating custody battle. I found my way and got back up again. I reached a turning point with humility, humbleness, and devotion. I had found a spirtual enlightenment and now it is my turn to enlighten you so that when joy arises you can feel it and become it. My desire is to inspire, encourage, and enlighten those who are in recovery or on their way to recovery so that they can live a life in peace and serenity. I had got custody of my daughter back, met a wonderful man I am more than proud to call my husband, full driving privileges again, and I had quit the corporate world where I was making almost 6 figures to start this journey. A blog of mine was recently featured on (owner is a 2016 blogger for the Huffington Post) and a video exchange with her and I is scheduled for release on January 25, 2016. In addition I was featured on the Better Human Show and you can listen to my brutally honest story here If you would like to hear MORE you can find me at or Best wishes to you and yours, Natalie Calkins Rountree

Last Updated: 04/25/2017