Nancy's Story


Hi! I'm an opportunity today because I can now help others with their substance use disorder. I'm in long-term recovery and it took a very long time -- it took a variety of treatment methods and so I'm able to pass that on today to others that are suffering. There are so many people suffering out there. I now have the opportunity to give back. I decided that I had to do something else in my recovery and helping others makes me feel complete. I talk to every person -- sober, clean, in recovery, not in recovery. I talk to family members -- parents that are just at their wits' ends, that don't know what to do. I've talked to people that are just desperate and devastated and need some help, need some hope. I am able to share with them parts of my story that -- as long, and treacherous, and tremendous -- I'm able to tell them that there is hope at there. That they can do this, that they can overcome their obstacles. Just speaking to them, being a person that can listen to them -- that's sometimes the most important thing: just someone there to listen. Because when you are a substance user, you burn a lot of bridges. A lot of people -- you lose. And you find yourself with no one there to talk to. At HOPE I'm able to give back, to shine some light, to steer them in the right direction, to lift them up out of the pit that they've been in (which I've been in). And I don't hide who I am. I don't hide that I was a substance abuse person because I feel the message needs to be out there that, you know, we are good people, that we can overcome. We can rise above. Helping people makes me feel so good inside. I'm taking my recovery coach [training] and my CRSW [training] that I never thought I would. And I encourage other people to reach out and be an opportunity because that's the answer to substance abuse today.

Last Updated: 04/25/2017