My Resilience Muscle


On June 23 2013 I entered my first treatment center. I was a Licenced Pratical Nurse,a mother, a daughter, and an addict. At the end of the road I had lost everything, my licence, nursing license, childern and relationship with my family. I has worked 12 years in substance abuse nursing helping others, and found myself the patient seeking help. Through 30day treatment, 18mo in a recovery house, my 12 step fellowship I strengthened my resilience muscle. For me it's like muscle memory, I had it in me all along but recovery help me find it. I am today my strongest version of myself. Physically, spiritual, and Emotionally stronger than ever. I am a mother I would be proud for my children to go up and be like, I have returned to the medical field along with an additional certification as a peer support specialist, with more to offer my patents than I ever have. Recovery has given me a life beyond my wildest imagination. July 19th 2017 I celebrated 4 yrs, and I can not wait what to see what else lies ahead on this amazing journey. We don't not just recover, we persevere and thrive.

Last Updated: 09/05/2017