Karen's Story


Hi I'm Karen, I'm in recovery. I love my life today because of recovery. I owe a lot of that to HOPE for [for New Hampshire Recovery]. I spend a lot of my time there because I am able to hear and help other people in recovery, it doesn't matter what they're in recovery for. I'm a greeter at the front desk and that allows me to see everybody when they come in, whether they're scared, happy, crying, sad -- I give them a hug if they need a hug, if they let me. Recovery allows me to be me, to be a part of society, to be human, to care about my fellow people in my town. I'm a member of society again. And I like to give back to the community that needs a lot of help. Recovery is a big deal. We need funding, we need recovery coaches, we need more centers like HOPE for Recovery. We need help -- we need politicians on our side. We need the help. Help recovery grow and grow and grow! Thank you.

Last Updated: 04/25/2017