Hess's Story


Hi I'm Hess and I am an opportunity for recovery today. Just a few months ago I was completely hopeless. I had given up on everything. I lost -- rather, I gave away everything that I ever had. I gave away my relationships. I gave away my children to pursue drugs. It came to the point where I didn't ever see myself being able to spend a couple of days sober, much less a couple of months. I was up north and I was writing a suicide letter for my daughter to read after I'd passed away to let her know exactly who I was and what she really meant to me. Through some sort of miracle or divine intervention I found myself here in Manchester to face my fears and try to regain what I've lost. I was at my father-in-law's television show when I met some of the people who work here. I decided to come check it out. I've been volunteering here and spending time here, and it's awesome. It's not like any other movement or program that I've found. It's s a place where everyone can come and kind of feel at home. Since I've come here I've had somebody that I owed $11,000.00 to tell me that they're proud of me. My parents talked to me and my son gave me a hug the other day and he's actually proud of me. It's something I never thought I'd be able to see happen to me in a million years. We need more help and funding for this program and programs like it in New Hampshire. There's a very small window of opportunity for recovery in New Hampshire, which is really sad given the state of drug dependency that we have here -- 2nd or 1st in the country, actually, for heroin and alcohol use. When you match that with 28-day programs that boot people back out onto the street, it's really sad because people I see coming in here and out on the street are people just like me. We don't want this. But we need help. I hope that you people will be able to contribute to the movement in whatever way you see possible. There's a place here for everybody -- whatever your talents are, whatever beauty you it is that you find and express in yourself -- there's a place for you to channel that and direct it to try to help other people here. I'm really very proud for the first time in my life to be part of something that means something. And I owe that to Hope for [New Hampshire] Recovery. Thanks.

Last Updated: 04/25/2017