Francis' Story


I have an opportunity today because I'm in recovery. It allows me to be a positive influence out in the community. I still see friends that are struggling with Substance Use Disorder. And I can advise them, 'Hey! This HOPE center is here! There's meetings, there's groups, there's resources.' I can be a positive example on these people. My life, when I was actively using, was a mess. Just -- financially, legally, medically, housing-related. I just had so many issues upon issues. And just the overwhelming anxiety of trying to know how to resolve that was so much. In my process of recovery, so many of those pieces are falling together just naturally. It really is a blessing. I mean, had somebody told me whilst I was using that I would be this person, that I could show others that, 'Hey! There's hope, there's change, there's possibilities.' That things would take an upswing and become this excellent -- I would have laughed at them and had them fitted for a straight jacket. And now here I am, and I'm living it. You know what I mean? I tell people all the time to come here to the HOPE center. Sit down with a recovery coach. Recovery is possible. Opportunity is possible. Hope is possible.

Last Updated: 04/25/2017