Eric's Story


Hi, my name is Eric. I have an opportunity for recovery today. I come to the HOPE center every day after work. I work five days a week 7am-2pm doing heating and air conditioning. I've been working for my father since I got out of high school. He gave me on-the-job training. I have some schooling, but it's mostly just field training. I enjoy the work quite a bit, but it's not super-fulfilling. So I come here after work to volunteer, try to help other people, and doing so really helps me with my recovery to stay in a sober environment. I strongly support peer-to-peer recovery. I think all of us being together in a sober atmosphere, just sober people around, helps everyone out a lot. I always play music when I come here. I try to get people involved with that. There's a lot of people that sing, play guitar, we have drums, we do a lot of art -- drawing, painting, coloring, things like that. Everyone seems to be able to get outside themselves for a little while, getting involved with music or art or something like that to get their creativity flowing. That's mostly what I do when I'm here, outside from whenever someone needs a hand with something, with the construction experience and stuff like that. I'll help out with whatever I can. Just to have an extra set of hands around, I guess. I really appreciate everything this place has done for me. Thank you.

Last Updated: 04/25/2017