Deborah: If I Can Beat Alcohol, Anyone Can

A woman shares her story of recovering from abuse and alcohol use, and becoming a life coach for at-risk teens.

I was abused at the age of 6. My abuser would give me alcohol and I became a full-blown addict at the age of 10. I never told anyone about the abuse and because of that secret I kept using for years. Both of my parents committed suicide and I just stayed numb through it all. My addiction got me in a lot of trouble, with more than 30 arrests and three prison terms. I was raped and gave birth to my daughter handcuffed to a bed. I have now been sober for several years, but it took a lot of work in a 12-step program.

The best advice I can give anyone who is trying to get sober is to find a good treatment center. I own a transition house for women, and I was sent a lot of people from different places. A lot of them are not qualified to treat the person as a whole, and therefore relapse seems to be a big part of their story. Angels Recovery in Wellington, Florida is where I would send anyone who seeks the proper treatment in order to get and stay sober. I would get so frustrated with many of the treatment centers because they were all about the money and not the person.

I have been sober going on five years and will soon graduate with my bachelor’s degree Phi Theta Kappa, dean’s list, and president’s list. I am also a nationally certified interventionist and a certified life coach for at-risk teens. What I have learned is that God put us on this earth to help each other and that you have do what you do for the right reasons and stay proud of who you are. I am very blessed to have a great life because someone took the time to help me to help myself. If I can get and stay sober then anyone can!

Last Updated: 12/22/2015