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Voices for Recovery

Connect with people in recovery by reviewing the personal stories of people recovering from mental and/or substance use disorders.

Across the country, people in recovery are celebrating their successes and sharing them with others in an effort to educate the public about treatment, how it works, for whom, and why. Because these successes often go unnoticed by the broader population, these personal stories, or Voices for Recovery, provide a vehicle for people to share their recovery stories.

Read or watch on Recovery Month's YouTube other personal stories of recovery, or join the voices of recovery and share your personal story with hundreds of thousands of Recovery Month supporters online today!

Authorization and Release Form (PDF | 54 KB)

Submit Your Personal Story

Log in and share your story online. If you do not have a login, sign up for an account.


You can also submit your story by email, with the following steps:

  1. Draft your story of recovery (in 500 words or less)
  2. Complete the Authorization and Release form (PDF | 189 KB).
  3. Email your story and completed Authorization and Release form to If you would like to include a photo with your story, add it as an attachment to the email. If your photo includes anyone other than you, you will need to submit an additional Authorization and Release form for each person in the photo.

Alternatively, you can fax your story and form to 240-276-2710.

Last Updated: 04/20/2017