Children of Alcoholics Week: 12-18 February 2017

An annual event that increases visibility of a problem that often goes unseen.

 February 12-18, 2017Children of Alcoholics (COA) Week is a campaign led by NACoA to raise awareness of children affected by parental alcohol problems.

Imagine coming home from school and dreading what you might find. Imagine having no friends because you’re too embarrassed to bring them home in case Mum or Dad are drunk, or worse. Imagine living in a home full of fear and having no one to turn to because everyone denies there’s a problem.

Together we can increase awareness of this hidden problem and the support available.

For information on what is happening during the 2017 COA celebration visit

Children of Alcoholics Week is celebrated internationally each year during the week in which Valentine’s Day falls. There are organizations holding COA Week activities in USA, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Slovenia. For more information read the European COA Week press release (PDF | 235 KB).

Last Updated: 02/09/2017