The SAFE Project’s Street Outreach In Memory of Jason Hersey

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  • Sunday, September 3, 2017 - 5:00pm to 8:00pm
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The SAFE project Street Outreach is 16 years or older to go onto the streets to deliver SAFE Packs. The pre-packing which is normally the day before is for all ages. This SAFE project Delivery is in Strength of Erin Smith who has been Drug-Free since 8/8/2008 and In Memory of Jason Hersey 1/29/1973 – 7/5/2017 this Mom and Dad has a Daughter who is a great voice in the sober community because she has lived through sobriety of her Mom and Death of her Father. Amber Hersey-Smith ‘s Family and Friends will be joining us on this special duel delivery. So please join us in the Brockton High School Parking Lot to pack our cars and head out in the city of champs to feed, hydrate and provide resources to all who want our help. Saturday September 2nd, we would like to invite everyone to our SAFE Project Pack - All ages are welcome to attend, Location will be posted within couple of weeks. THE SAFE PROJECT’S STREET OUTREACH PROGRAM The SAFE project Foundation’s core program, night time street outreach, provides resources and support to homeless individuals who are at risk from living on the streets of Brockton. The SAFE project’s goal is to ensure that people who do not have permanent housing and are living on the streets can survive the elements. The Street Outreach Teams provide basic needs and support such as food, water, clothing, hygiene kits and blankets. Additionally, The SAFE project provides referrals to appropriate social service agencies for follow-up, Detox Beds and we work with many 12-step solution based sober houses and homeless shelters. TURN YOUR SPARE CHANGE INTO FOOD – Donate your spare change towards helping those struggling on the streets. The SAFE project Foundation, Inc. has launched The SAFE Project Street Outreach PROGRAM towards providing resources and SAFE Packs that include, Food, Cold Bottles of Water, Hygiene kits, resource cards and other little things. The SAFE project is asking you to gather all your spare change and donate it to our foundation so we can help even more people in more territories within Massachusetts. Every cent helps us feed, hydrate and provide warmth. If you have spare change that you would like to donate, reach out and one of our SAFE project Street Outreach Captains and or Street Coordinators will be happy to meet up and collect your change. We will have a bucket at all events we attend to drop off any spare change you may want to get rid of so watch our Facebook page on what event we will be at next. On behalf of The SAFE project Foundation and all our Street Outreach People, we thank you! If you would like to get involved and come out to Deliver our SAFE packs or join in on our Pre-Pack, watch our event page and our website for the dates:
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Educational Events (Educational Events - and recovery for mental and substance use disorders, celebrates people in recovery, lauds the contributions of treatment and service)
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470 Forest Ave
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United States
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The SAFE Project
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Jared Owen
Last Updated: 08/28/2017