Radical Recovery Summit 2017

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  • Saturday, September 23, 2017 - 10:00am to 10:00pm, Sunday, September 24, 2017 - 10:00am to 10:00pm
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The Radical Recovery Summit is an exciting gathering of leaders in the recovery field sharing their innovative approaches to the exploding epidemic of addiction in the many forms it takes. Register to watch online free the weekend of September 23 and 24th. http://linktrack.info/.2nz16 Existing models of addiction recovery are notoriously ineffective. Relapse rates of up to 90%, combined with surging rates of addiction and the opioid overdose crisis bring an urgency to improving the field of addiction treatment. People are scared, frustrated, and hungry for real change and healing. The Kiloby Center for Recovery's goal in hosting this is to bring together innovators in the field of recovery from addiction. We are thrilled to offer two dozen diverse and interesting interviews with leading people in this field. Themes are emerging through the interviews. One is the trauma, pain and stigma that drives the need to escape into addiction. We all see the importance of working with the energies and feelings in the body. Isolation and lack of social trust are common issues that we are overcoming through authentic connection and caring. Keynote speakers include Scott Kiloby (Kiloby Center for Recovery), John Dupuy (Integral Recovery, iAwake), Dr Gabor Mate (compassion, trauma and addiction), Nikki Myers (Yoga for 12 Step Recovery), Tommy Rosen (Recovery 2.0), Robert Weiss (Digital-age Intimacy), Pati Hernandez (Dartmouth College/Prison Arts project), Rick Hanson (Neuroscience and Happiness) and Richard Miller (iRest). Our speakers cover a broad range of innovative programs, hands-on work and radical perspectives. Please join us September 23rd and 24th. Scott Kiloby is hosting a live panel discussion at noon Eastern on the 23rd and the interviews are all free to watch that weekend.
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Conference (including substance use and/or mental disorders, treatment, recovery or related issues as a focus)
Education (townhall meeting, class, workshop, lecture or training for community and general public, policymakers, social service and criminal justice organizations, etc.)
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5 000
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Register free here http://linktrack.info/.2nz16 We will send sign-in details closer to the time. Check out clips from some of interviews here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXHIwnnrvEQ&list=PL_wpNzMrtFSHvfdgRnJplk-lBOcols9zn
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United States
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Lynn Fraser
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Kiloby Center for Recovery
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The Radical Recovery Summit is an exciting gathering of leaders in the recovery field sharing their innovative approaches to the exploding epidemic of addiction in the many forms it takes.

See more on all of the speakers here: http://linktrack.info/.2nz16 

Scott Kiloby, Kiloby Center for Recovery, first US mindfulness based recovery center

John Dupuy, iAwake technologies and Integral Recovery, a Revolutionary Approach to addiction and recovery

Dr Gabor Maté, specializing in compassionate care for people with addiction, pain and trauma

Tommy Rosen, Recovery 2.0, global community with holistic approach to thriving in recovery

Nikki Myers, Yoga for Twelve Step Recovery

Dr Rick Hanson, psychologist helping people resource themselves for healing and happiness

Dr Robert Weiss, digital age relationship expert helping people with addiction and intimacy

Pati Hernandez, with a program bringing together privileged Dartmouth College students and people in prison

Dr Richard Miller, psychologist and founder of iRest, deeply transformative meditative practices for trauma and PTSD

Plus fifteen more thought leaders and innovators in the field of addiction and recovery.

Last Updated: 08/17/2017