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  • Monday, March 6, 2017 - 10:00am to 4:30pm
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Members of Project Independence attended two days of interactive training in May 2015. The training was delivered by members of The Kansas Consumer Advisory Council for Adult Mental Health (KCACAMH), During the training, the Question: Does Trauma Informed Care Matter? was asked. Project Independence (PI) has decided that Trauma Informed Care does matter.and a forum will be held on Monday 6 March 2017 to ask us to reflect, to listen and to work towards a healthier future for all people coming into contact with services who have had Adverse Childhood Experiences in NSW. If you would like to learn more about So You want to change the world project with a focus on Trauma Informed Care, from a ‘lived Experience’ perspective the PI Team has invited Gary Parker, Executive Officer with The KCACAMH friends to be our guests. Limited seating is available. The original training was developed by the Trauma Informed Care Team at Wichita State University's Centre for Community Support and Research to help Consumer Run Organisation (CRO) in Kansas began a conversation about Trauma. This original material was prepared in 2009 and distributed to participants at a Kansas CRO Outreach meeting. CRO’s are defined as organisations in which consumers make up the majority of the staff and the board. Consumer-run organizations encompass entire states or large parts of states across the USA. The National Mental Health Consumers' Self-Help Clearinghouse works to keep this list up to date. For a listing of consumer-driven programs in USA see: In Kansas there are 17 CRO’s, they have held a Recovery Conference each year since 2000 where each of the CRO’s are supported to attend and feedback information about what is happening in their local community. This is a copy of their latest newsletter The NSW Mental Health Commission strategic plan has identified on pages 51 – 54 that services don’t respond well to the needs of people with a lived experience of mental illness and trauma.
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Conference (including substance use and/or mental disorders, treatment, recovery or related issues as a focus)
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United States
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