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Dan O’Laughlin (06/18/2013)

Dan O’Laughlin

I am a person in recovery from alcoholism who has not had a drink in just more than 10 years.  I drank for many years in high school, college, the Army, and the U.S. Peace Corps, and then for more than 30 years in many countries around Africa.  In my mind, I was not an alcoholic, but someone whose work required a lot of drinking time.  I did not consider myself an alcoholic because I worked hard, ran a marathon in Botswana at age 50, was charitable, and went to church regularly.

However, as I got older, life became a burden due to the headaches, hangovers, and anger. I seldom went a day without drinking.   When I could no longer control my drinking, I finally stopped and found a new way of living.  My response was to go into a 12-step meeting to figure out how to get back to the good old days.  My wife and daughter have been important partners on my recovery journey.

These past 10 years have been filled with an exciting life of helping to carry the message of recovery to Ghana, and networking with organizations across the United States, such as Faces & Voices of Recovery, Oxford House, Inc., universities, rehab facilities, and others.   Working with a growing group of supporters, we’ve been able to open two Oxford Houses in Ghana, organized 10 different 12-step meetings, and opened the House of St. Francis as a rehab facility on August 1, 2012.  Recovery has given me these fun, unique, and exciting opportunities.

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