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Ian (05/18/2012)

I’ve been clean, sober, and in recovery since that day 5 years ago when I walked into my doctor’s office beaten down by my addiction and finally asking for help. At 30 years old, and after 15 years of drug addiction, I started taking Suboxone. I had been attending 12-step group meetings, but after years of heroin and pill addiction, numerous drug treatments, and chronic relapses, I made the difficult decision to supplement my recovery with medication. Although I feared judgments from others, Suboxone has saved my life.

While medication-assisted treatment is a significant part of my recovery, staying sober depends on more than just medication. I do service work, go to meetings, and surround myself with supportive people to avoid using substances.

Medication-assisted treatment is the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help from my doctors and the medication-assisted treatment program, which has stopped my cravings and preoccupation with using substances. My life is no longer controlled by being high, lying, feeling miserable, and then starting the cycle again.

I’m 100 percent committed to my recovery. Even though some days are still hard, I know I can make it through the tough times. I now have a good job, a house, and a family. Additionally, I now have something I never thought I could, sobriety and true happiness.

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