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Forrest Offord (08/29/2012)

Forrest Offord

Today I celebrate seven years of recovery. Clean from Drugs and Alcohol. I am dually diagnosed. I used alcohol and drugs for 28 years. For the last seven years of trying to quit the substance use I would constantly fail. It wasn't until it was discovered that I needed to treat both the mental health as well as the substance abuse that I could get the kind of results that I celebrate today. My story is a lot more detailed than I can write at the present time. I never thought I would live the life that I have today. My life has changed to unimaginable proportions. I am currently a student at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland studying Mental Health, and working in the field. I love the life I lead today when I thought it was not possible to enjoy life without the use of drugs or other mood altering substances. Recovery is available to anyone who chooses it.

Peace & Blessing

Forrest W Offord Sr.

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