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Voices for Recovery

Eric McDaniel (05/18/2012)

I have been in recovery since February 10, 2008, and it has completely changed my life for the better. I come from a family with a history of alcoholism, and I drank – and blacked out – for the first time when I was 9 years old. I started drinking again as an 18-year old college freshman. I could never control my drinking. Once I started, I never knew when I would stop, or what I might do.

After law school, it took only 2 years for my alcoholism and depression to turn a promising young trial lawyer, good friend, and devoted husband into an isolated and suicidal 29-year old with little hope. But God sent me a therapist who happened to specialize in trauma and addiction, and she told me where to find help. After a failed suicide attempt, I went to treatment and started to receive care for my illness.

With the help of other people in recovery, I have learned to practice a new way of living without alcohol. I found an Oxford House that supported my recovery while I worked toward regaining my independence. My life is not perfect, but recovery has given me a second chance to face challenges with a measure of grace and gratitude. I have the capacity to help others, and to ask for (and accept) help when I need it. I have been able to pursue my dream of working in public policy, and I now use my education and experiences in my work as a recovery advocate. I share my recovery with others, and encourage them to speak out about issues that matter to our community. Recovery has given my life new meaning and purpose.

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