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Voices for Recovery

Yolanda Shanks (10/06/2011)

Yolanda Shanks Voice

Who would have thought 30 years ago… I am so very happy to be alive today! Each morning I awake with a fresh anticipation of the new opportunities available unto me! Now, this was not always my attitude towards life; I am an attempted suicide survivor and I completely understand the chains of despair. However, because someone close to me took the time to learn the warning signs of suicide I received the help, which I needed in the nick of time. I encourage each of you to learn the warning signs of suicide and save another! Now if you are considering suicide right now, PLEASE STOP and REACH OUT for help - There are many people who want to help you beyond these thoughts in order to live life deliberately – Please call 1-800-273-8255 “National Suicide Prevention Lifeline” and share your suicidal thoughts. It is important that you LIVE and tell your story to help another!

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