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Voices for Recovery

Lynn Tynan (08/15/2011)

Since I have attained recovery, I have accomplished all of my dreams—something I never would have imagined 26 years ago, when my dependence to alcohol and narcotics had created a hopeless life. I was failing college classes, neglecting my precious son, and living a dangerous life in bars, jail cells, and on the streets. Deep down inside, I knew this lifestyle was leading me down a nowhere road, but I kept living in denial.

I finally made the call while asking for help from a God I had never believed in. My 12-step sisters and brothers held me up, gave me hope, and loved me through the rough days of early recovery. They helped me achieve qualities I thought I could never have: integrity, self-respect, honesty, and faith in my higher power.

I went on to earn my bachelor's degree, host a women's radio talk show, create my own Las Vegas tour company, manage box offices for big shows on the Strip, and appear on national talk shows speaking about recovery. For the last 10 years, I have been the director of the women's recovery center that helped save my life. Being able to help sweet, but broken, women gain their wings back has been a great joy in my life.

My relationships are true and trusting. My wonderful son and I have a beautiful friendship. He is a survivor and a terrific man. When my grandchildren wrap their arms around me and say "I love you, Nanny," I melt. I could have missed all this. One day at a time, I thank God and my 12-step program for my life.

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