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Betty Currier (07/28/2011)

Betty Currier Voice

My recovery journey has been nothing short of amazing, filling me with peace, hope, love, and purpose. In short, it's been a life beyond my wildest dreams. For more than 20 years, I managed to look good on the outside, but inside I was drowning in fear, shame, loneliness, and overwhelming hopelessness that no amount of alcohol could fill. I am proud to say that I am in long-term recovery, and I haven't needed a drink to change how I think, feel, or act since January 6, 1976.

My recovery has been enriched, and I've been able to pass on what I was so freely given and experienced firsthand. I've been able to provide support and encouragement to others on their own pathway to recovery. Then an influential movement attracted my attention—advocacy.

Advocacy reaches not only the recovery community, but also the greater population with the message that recovery is real, and policies and services that support recovery are vital. I'm a founding board member of Friends of Recovery of Delaware & Otsego Counties, in New York State, where we operate county recovery community centers and speak out for the needs of individuals living in these very rural areas. More recently, I've helped establish Friends of Recovery New York, a statewide organization that leads recovery advocacy and provides support and encouragement to local communities of recovery as they join us in this nationwide movement.

My commitment and life purpose will always be to demonstrate the reality of recovery for those affected by substance use and mental disorders and to help change public perceptions and embrace recovery. I'm so very proud to be a face and voice of recovery.

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