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Amy (02/22/2011)

I have completely changed my life around in the course of 18 months.  I keep my depression, anxiety and bi-polar under control with meds and therapy.  I keep my drug and alcohol addiction under control with the 12 steps.  Knowing that at any given time all that I have worked for can be taken away from me if I try to do things my way.  The only way I was able to change was by trusting in my Higher Power and being honest, open-minded and willing.  I am now sober and I am employed as a certified peer specialist.  This is important to my recovery because I am able to be a role model and able to help others by listening and understanding where they've been or where they are now.  I am here to encourage people to realize that no matter how far down we've been, the possibility of overcoming our challenges is not impossible, though not easy, it can be done.  I am not my past.  I am not an "addict", I am not "crazy", I am Amy.

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