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David Helling (09/02/2010)

I, David Helling am in long-term recovery from addiction for almost 15 years now.  Which means my life has significantly improved physically, mentally, psychologically, socially, spiritually, and yes financially.  Once deemed a threat to society and now a responsible and productive member, not only has my life significantly improved, but so has that of my family, my friends, my neighbors, my co-workers and yes my community has experienced the positive affects of my long-term recovery.  

Prior to long-term recovery I had multiple episodes of homelessness; often calling jails, prisons, and treatment centers home.  Next month I will celebrate my 11th wedding anniversary in our three bedroom home with our families, cooking out on our deck overlooking our beautiful yard and wooded four acre lot.

One of my proudest moments in long-term recovery is when my sister asked me to be the god-parent of her children; this after she once told me I was no longer welcome in her home because I was a bad influence on her children and was causing significant problems with her relationship with her husband. 

Once pessimistic, lonely, full of fear, shame and guilt, today, in long-term recovery, I enjoy serenity, love and an attitude of gratitude.  I look forward to life, my interests are unlimited, I not only like myself, but love myself and am proud to be the person I have become.  Although my parents died before I entered long-term recovery, I have a good feeling they know and are not only relieved, but proud to call me son.

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