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Voices for Recovery

Albert Bryan (06/15/2010)

My troubles with addiction started with using alcohol when I was 9. As my addiction grew, I graduated from alcohol to heroin and cocaine, using whatever could get me high. My biggest obstacle was accepting the fact that I had a problem. I received my help at an inpatient facility. I have now been in recovery for more than 20 years. Within my recovery process, I have obtained a bachelor’s and master’s degree. I am personally involved in the community and in the recovery and treatment of people who need it.

I am a licensed addiction counselor and social worker; co-founder of a substance abuse treatment organization, and a strong advocate for treatment in my community. We are struggling to rebuild here, because of the damage Hurricane Katrina caused, along with the influx of opiates. The treatment for opiates is expensive and everyone addicted to opiates does not have the opportunity to receive treatment. I would like for everyone to have the opportunity to seek help.

I have experienced many “highs” in my recovery, including graduation, my children getting married, purchasing a home, and witnessing the birth of grandchildren. I also had the honor of being a delegate from Louisiana at the 2009 Recovery Rally. There isn’t much that surprises me, because I have learned that recovery is an ongoing process and, while challenging, is an opportunity waiting to happen.

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