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Voices for Recovery

Maria Moya (01/09/2009)

My name is maria moya and I am in recovery. I have been working at the MARS PROJECT since 2006 and we are a federally funded project who provide peer to peer support for people in recovery. Being in recovery has made me become a better person as well as mother to my kids and a better daughter but also a aunt to my sisters kids. My sister passed away in 2006 and i am raising her kids as well. But if i wasnt in recovery that have would been impossible. I have been able to become a productive part of society by working to care for all my kids. Honestly speaking if it wasnt for me joing a methadone program and really realizing that addiction is a disease and need medication to stablize it, i would've been in jail or along with my sister dead. But i am so blessed and thankful for all i have endured while being in recovery because it has made me a very strong minded person. Recovery is a life long process but its worth it. being able to wake up next to my kids and seeing them smile makes me want to keep staying strong in my recovery. Now i am able to buy whatever i need and want and also provide for my children and get them everything they want and need as well.. Its the best feeling in the world and I am so thankful. God is good and i believe everything happens for a reason and being in recovery is a great reason..

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