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Charles Middlekamp (09/12/2009)

I have been fighting drinking and drug addiction my whole life. I raised 3 sons, who also turned to drug addiction to fill the God shaped hole in their soul. I started catching felonies in my forties. After my conviction and prison sentence, I thought WOW, what bad luck, what unfortunate circumstances, all-right now, I got it figured out. I will start my new life by getting my license back, get a job, and get a apartment. Never did I put a whole lot of concern into staying off drugs, because of course, I was smarter than that. Well, after a 12 day binge on cocaine with my 25 year old son, and catching another felony drug conviction after only 4 months of freedom, I realized I was powerless over this evil addiction. In county jail I hit my knees and surrendered, and accepted  my savior Jesus Christ, for I knew I would have been dead or I would have watched my son die, and for the Grace of God I had been saved. Well by doing Gods will and not Chuck's will, I have been clean and sober for over 3 years now. Unfortunately my oldest son died from a heroin and zanex over-dose in Feb. of 2007, and my youngest son died from a heroin over-dose in Sept. of 2008. I still truly believe God has a plan for my life, maybe it's to just share my story to anybody who is suffering from that void in your heart that only God can fill. That's my story, if I can help please contact me.

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