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Brad Mersereau (09/07/2009)

Brad Mersereau Voice I am the sole survivor of an alcoholic family system.  My father stopped drinking at age 50 and lived to be 76.  My sister did not stop drinking and died from a perforated ulcer causing peritonitis at 46.  Mom and I never were alcoholics, but we were an enabling part of the familial dysfunctional dance.  My wife Janet and I are grateful script-breakers.  Our mission at  is to make Laura's memory matter.  We offer a Sobriety Pledge Page with 45 anonymous participants. We want hundreds more.  We offer a Sobriety Anniversaries page with 214 anonymous participants who document 2762 collective sober years.  My drug of choice was nicotine and my clean date is February 2, 1991.  We want thousands more.  Help us make Laura's memory matter and help yourselves by offering either an anonymous Sobriety Pledge or Sobriety Anniversary Date.  We're in this together.

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