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Barbara Sinor (08/05/2009)

Barbara Sinor Voice I grew up with an alcoholic father and raised an alcoholic son. With the knowledge I learned from both of these men, I chose to become a counselor. Through the many years of my private practice, I noticed how so many addicted  individuals gravitated to my office and thus began my career working with the addiction population.
While I was guiding those who came to my counsel, I was also trying desperately to guide my adult alcoholic son. Not a good thing to do! He pushed all my inner child buttons and I pulled at his. Sometimes we were friends, sometimes we were not.
The past few years, I found solace in writing about substance abuse, as well as, our personal journey through it. "Addiction: What's Really Going On?" 2009 deals with heroin addiction in a clinic in Los Angeles, CA and "Tales of Addiction: Stories from the Soul" 2010 covers over two dozen addiction stories, as well as, my own and my son's painful tale.
My son passed away in Feb. of this year while waiting for yet another medical rehab bed--none to be found until the day after he died.
Some addiction stories do not end with the success we would hope, however, no one's story is any less important to voice.
Dr. Barbara Sinor

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