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Voices for Recovery


Across the country, people in recovery are celebrating their successes and sharing them with others in an effort to educate the public about treatment, how it works, for whom, and why. Because these successes often go unnoticed by the broader population, Voices for Recovery provides a vehicle for people to share their recovery stories.


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In 2009, 43 voices were posted for Recovery Month

Rev. Dr. Robert Gilmore, Sr. - Submitted 12/17/2009
Military Veteran Overcomes Drugs, Depression, Suicide, Divorce, PTSD after 30 years starts “Hope After Project”
Keywords: military, trauama, mental disorder, mental illness, mental health condition, hospital, substance abuse, depression, family, treatment, support, higher power, faith, employment

Robb Kelly - Submitted 11/12/2009

Keywords: alcoholic, alcoholism, sobriety, drinking, family, homeless, trauma, support, employment, drinking problem, recovery

Nichole Way - Submitted 11/8/2009

Keywords: family, support, friends, community, alcohol, drug, drugs, substance abuse, addiction, jail, legal, mental illness, medication, higher power, faith, spirituality, recovery

Roy DiVincenti - Submitted 11/5/2009

Keywords: family, alcohol, drinking, military, drug, drugs, drinking problem, addiction, hospital, drug problem, substance abuse, sobriety, recovery, higher power, faith

MP Andy Anderson - Submitted 10/22/2009

Keywords: support, sobriety, family, recovery

Danya Gregory - Submitted 10/7/2009

Keywords: addiction, recovery, prison, jail, sobriety, family, support, higher power, fiath, hospital

Rob Corie IV - Submitted 10/3/2009

Keywords: drug, drugs, drinking, addiction, drug addiction, sobriety, co-occurring, mental illness, mental disorder, higher power, recovery

Jacqueline - Submitted 9/22/2009
After 12 years of being clean, I look back on my life and see how far I have come.
Keywords: addiction, drug, drugs, family, alcohol, alcoholism, substance abuse, treatment, detox, support, friends, sobriety, spirituality, employment, higher power

Billie Jo - Submitted 9/18/2009
As I sat in a white walled; polka dotted gray floor smoking room; I vividly remembered 14 hours earlier I had taken a knife and literally sliced my wrists.
Keywords: addiction, hospital, mental health condition, mental disorder, mental illness, trauma, legal, prison, jail, family, drinking, medication, drug, drugs, recovery

Nilda - Submitted 9/18/2009
Nilda was born in New Jersey and raised in Puerto Rico until the age of 14, when she moved to Lawrence, Massachusetts to live with her mother.

Aaron Cooper - Submitted 9/18/2009
My name is Aaron and I am the founder of eRehabCoach (; I'm a happy, fit and addiction-free person.
Keywords: health, wellness, recovery, addiction, substance abuse, drug, drugs, alcohol, employment, support, higher power, faith

Sharon Blair - Submitted 9/16/2009
My name is Sharon Blair. I am an advocate for drug treatment for those addicted to drugs and alcohol.
Keywords: drug, treatment, addiction, drugs, alcohol, drug addiction, family, court, legal, faith, spirituality, recovery, support

Ron Du Bois - Submitted 9/14/2009
An important sermon on addiction took place at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Stillwater, Sunday, September 6.
Keywords: addiction, alcohol, drug, drugs, treatment, family, recovery, alcoholism, higher power, faith, community, substance abuse

Charles Middlekamp - Submitted 9/12/2009
I have been fighting drinking and drug addiction my whole life.
Keywords: drinking, drug, addiction, family, higher power, legal, prison, jail, faith

Virginia and Michael N - Submitted 9/10/2009
Lack of funds kept our growing alcoholism in check until our late twenties when we rented a house on a lake.
Keywords: alcoholism, alcohol, addiction, substance abuse, family, sobriety, recovery, friends

Brad Mersereau - Submitted 9/7/2009
I am the sole survivor of an alcoholic family system.
Keywords: alcoholic, alcoholism, family, support, health, wellness, sobriety

Nancy Kennedy - Submitted 8/28/2009

Keywords: recovery, alcoholism, co-occurring, depression, mental health condition, mental illness, hospital, treatment, medication, drinking, trauma, support, employment, community

Kim Summers - Submitted 8/25/2009
I consider myself a voice for recovery, even though I have never battled with a drug or alcohol addiction. On June 20, 2008 my fiance died from ingesting an inhalent.
Keywords: recovery, drug, alcohol, addiction, substance abuse, family, support

Barbara Sinor - Submitted 8/5/2009
I grew up with an alcoholic father and raised an alcoholic son. With the knowledge I learned from both of these men, I chose to become a counselor.
Keywords: alcoholic, family, alcoholism, employment, addiction, susbtanc abuse, recovery

Danielle Soucy - Submitted 8/4/2009
I started doing heroin in 2005 .went to jail twice ,almost lost my arm from an abcess,and continued to live this life for a total of 4 years.
Keywords: drug, drugs, addiction, substance abuse, jail, prison, medication, treatment, sobriety, recovery

Aaron Kucharski - Submitted 6/30/2009
I’m a person in long-term recovery, meaning that I haven’t had a drink or a drug since September 6, 2003...
Keywords: recovery, drinking, drug, drugs, sobriety, community, support

Charlie Yetman - Submitted 6/30/2009
I am one of the luckiest people in the world! It is truly how I feel...
Keywords: recovery, substance abuse, prison, treatment, employment

Christina Thompson - Submitted 6/30/2009
I no longer do the things I used to when I was obsessed with using. I have learned to respect myself and others...
Keywords: addiction, mental illness, mental disorder, recovery, medication, health, wellness, family, spirituality

Dr Tian Dayton - Submitted 6/30/2009
What brought me into this field was what brought so many of us in, a personal relationship with addiction...
Keywords: addiction, family, alcohol, drinking, alcoholism, alcoholic, trauma, recovery, treatment

Elizabeth Currier - Submitted 6/30/2009
The day my world began to crumble, January 6, 1976, I had my last drink. Until then, I had no idea that my drinking was a problem...
Keywords: drinking, alcohol, family, drinking problem, health, wellness, addiction, treatment, recovery, support, community, alcoholism

Erin Bludworth - Submitted 6/30/2009
I am a 35-year-old survivor who has been clean and sober for almost 7 years. My drug of choice was methamphetamine, and I would stop at nothing to get my next hit...
Keywords: sobriety, drug, drugs, drug addiction, addiction, family, legal, treatment, employment

Jared Hamre - Submitted 6/30/2009
September 13, 2008, marked my third year of recovery. I am grateful for my recovery. That doesn’t mean life struggles have not come my way, but recovery has given me the tools to now cope with challenges...
Keywords: recovery, treatment, drug, addiction, drugs, friends, support, community

Kevin Hauschulz - Submitted 6/30/2009
I am a person in long-term recovery, and have not used drugs or alcohol since June 25, 2006. I feel reconnected...
Keywords: recovery, drug, drugs, alcohol, family, friends, addiction, treatment, prescription drug addiction, prescription drug, sobriety, support, support

Kevin Young - Submitted 6/30/2009
I am in long-term recovery, meaning that I haven’t used opiates, alcohol, and other drugs for more than 20 years...
Keywords: recovery, alcohol, drug, drugs, family, support, employment, friends, health, wellness

R F Maldonado - Submitted 6/30/2009
I am a married Latino author and songwriter, a former teenage street-gang leader, and a former 25-year heroin/cocaine addict from New York City...
Keywords: drug, drugs, addiction, drug addiction, sobriety, alcohol, jail, prison, treatment, recovery, family

Timothy Harrington - Submitted 6/30/2009
I started drinking at 12 and managed to not cross the imaginary line of no return until I was about 18...
Keywords: drinking, alcohol, alcoholism, alcoholic, family, treatment, friends, support, employment, sobriety, recovery

Tonya Wheeler - Submitted 6/30/2009
I’m a person in long-term recovery and have not used drugs or alcohol in more than 18 years. As a result of my long-term recovery...
Keywords: recovery, drug, drugs, alcohol, family, community, addiction, treatment, support

Woody Giessmann - Submitted 6/30/2009
As someone living in recovery, I know that music can be an outlet for people’s feelings...
Keywords: recovery, alcohol, drugs, drug, addiction, drug addiction, employment, treatment, health, wellness

Daniel Callahan - Submitted 6/28/2009
I was born in 1960 into a blue-collar lower income family on Long Island twenty-five miles from New York City...
Keywords: community, family, legal, military, drinking, drug, drugs, jail, prison, court, treatment, alcohol, addiction, recovery, alcoholism, substance abuse

Pam Day - Submitted 5/8/2009
Pam Day cradled her 19-year-old daughter...
Keywords: family, addiction, drug, drugs, treatment, prescription drug, prescription drug addiction, recovery, sobriety, faith, higher power, legal, court

Bill Giese - Submitted 3/28/2009
I'm a Viet Nam Veteran who after 10 years of thinking he was doing fine fell apart, got heavy into all kinds of drugs and drinking until I thought I had lost my mind...
Keywords: military, drug, drugs, drinking, alcohol, higher power, faith, legal, treatment, family, recovery, support

Shirley Cobb - Submitted 3/25/2009
For as long as I can remember I've always felt misunderstood, not a part of, and like an alien from another planet...
Keywords: alcohol, drug, drugs, addiction, substance abuse, family, higher power, faith, spirituality, employment, support, community, recovery

Wolf - Submitted 2/11/2009
I was born to an alcoholic father and mother. My grandfather raised me from the age of four months. I began drinking at a young age...
Keywords: alcoholism, alcoholic, alcohol, family, drinking, durg, drugs, higher power, faith, friends, treatment, sobriety

Jamie Brown - Submitted 1/29/2009
I was born in New York and have lived in Indiana for the past two years...
Keywords: treatment, drug, addiction, drugs, alcohol, sobriety, employment, support

Maria Moya - Submitted 1/9/2009
My name is maria moya and I am in recovery. I have been working at the MARS PROJECT since 2006...
Keywords: recovery, support, family, treatment, medication, addiction, health, wellness, higher power, faith

Don Sutton - Submitted 1/7/2009
My Mom deserted me when I was ten years old; my Dad said I belonged to the mail man, so he spent his time physically and mentally abuses me...
Keywords: family, trauma, addiction, alcohol, drug, drugs, susbtance abuse, recovery, family, support, higher power

Sandra Potter - Submitted 1/7/2009
In hindsight, I realize that I began experiencing symptoms of mental illness and addiction during my childhood. My early teenage years were cluttered with self-doubt and anguish...
Keywords: mental illness, depression, drugs, alcohol, drug, substance abuse, addiction, treatment, mental disorder, sobriety, hospital, community, employment, recovery

Karen Slappy - Submitted 1/1/0001

Keywords: drug, drugs, employment, recovery

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