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Recovery and the Media Addiction and Treatment in Entertainment and News

Ronald Tannebaum Ask the Expert

July Recovery and the Media Addiction and Treatment in Entertainment and News

Ask the Expert:  Ronald Tannebaum- Co Founder, CEO and President of In The Rooms

Questions for Ask the Expert- July


1.          Are there any books for young adults that reference to or have addiction and recovery as part of their storyline for teens, but aren’t too preachy or overly wholesome? My daughter loves to read books like Harry Potter, etc and I’d like to give her something cool to read that includes recovery as part of the story, though it doesn’t need to be a young character in recovery, nor does it need to be the primary subject of the book. Do you have any suggestions?



             a. Black Out Girl - Jennifer Storm

            b. Broken - William Cope Moyers

            c. Stay Close - Libby Cataldi

            d. Wasted - Mark Johnson

            e. 800 Meters - Mikael D. Luman


2.                   I get pretty mad at some of the portrayals of people with addiction on some of the television shows. How can I let someone know that I don’t appreciate or like these portrayals? Who is the correct person to address such a comment to for television programs, either on network TV or cable? 



You can write the programs Producer, Director and writers to address these issues. I feel that the entertainment industry portrays the active addiction rather than the Recovery Process and the portrayal is not authentic.


3.                   What are the online venues or resources for sharing one’s story of recovery (other than Recovery Month )? Are there any that are specifically geared to youth? 


Answer:  In The Rooms has a significant young online population 13 years and older. 


4.                   Can you recommend some good movies that show realistic, but ultimately hopeful and inspiring, stories of addiction and recovery?  


answer: The movie ‘Twelve’ is a terrific and authentic movie that shares the story of 12 young recovering addict’s and alcoholic’s journey from addiction into recovery. It is a powerful movie.  It is in theaters now.


5.                   Are there any radio shows dedicated specifically to talking about addiction and recovery?


Answer: Yes there are many Recovery Shows and stations around the country.  The In The Rooms Hour, every Sunday night from 9 PM to 10 PM on Holistic Lifestyles is  one, others are: Radio Network,  Blog Talk Radio, Recovery 101, Take 12 Radio with the Monty Man, and Holistic Lifestyles Radio with John Hollis.

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