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Add to Roommate Issues: Their Depression May Be Catching


Add to Roommate Issues: Their Depression May Be Catching
Psych Central
April 19, 2013

Provocative new research now suggests that a particular style of thinking that makes people vulnerable to depression can influence others, increasing their symptoms of depression as much as six months later.  Psychological scientists Gerald Haeffel, Ph.D., and Jennifer Hames of the University of Notre Dame studied college roommates to determine if the way in which an individual thinks of things can actually “rub off” on others causing detrimental effects.  The results revealed that freshmen who were randomly assigned to a roommate with high levels of cognitive vulnerability were likely to “catch” their roommate’s cognitive style and develop higher levels of cognitive vulnerability; those assigned to roommates who had low initial levels of cognitive vulnerability experienced decreases in their own levels.

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Keywords: roommate, issues, depression, catching

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