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LGBT Health Awareness Week March 26th-30th


In recognition of National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Health Awareness Week, March 26th - 30th, we are highlighting some of the activities SAMHSA has engaged in that align with this year's theme "Come Out for Health". First it is important to recognize that many LGBT individuals face discrimination in admission and health insurance policies, ill-prepared providers, fear of harassment or privacy concerns, and client information collection and reporting processes that are not LGBT-inclusive.

SAMHSA is making a difference through our LGBT-targeted efforts. Just a few of those efforts include encouraging States to consider LGBT needs in administering their SAMHSA Block Grants resources, promoting a sexual and gender minority focus in funding announcements where it is appropriate, supporting creation of sexual orientation questions for HHS national surveys, and providing ongoing leadership to help stop bullying of LGBT youth that includes significant participation in the development of the LGBT section for, a major resource for helping victims, potential victims and their families, and for raising public awareness.

SAMHSA also contributes to efforts towards developing national data collection protocols and expanding health services for transgender individuals. Our multiple training efforts for behavioral health service providers have and will continue to improve service delivery and outcomes for LGBT individuals. In recognition of National LGBT Health Awareness Week, SAMHSA is pleased to roll-out our latest training product, the Top Health Issues for LGBT Populations Information and Resource Kit. We will also hold a program to increase our staff's knowledge about effectively addressing LGBT needs.

SAMHSA encourages you to observe National LGBT Health Awareness week by increasing your knowledge of behavioral health issues effecting these populations and promoting understanding of those issues within your communities.

For more information about what SAMHSA is doing for LGBT communities, go to and search on "LGBT". For information on ordering SAMHSA products focused on LGBT, go to the SAMHSA store. Additional SAMHSA and SAMHSA-funded products targeting LGBT individuals are:

A Provider's Introduction to Substance Abuse Treatment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Individuals
Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network LGBT Information
Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network Products and Resources
Addiction Technology Transfer Center Learning Portal
SAMHSA's Homeless Resource Center

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