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(04/21/2014) Impact of Childhood Bullying Still Evidence After 40 Years
(04/21/2014) Teen Head Injuries Linked to Greater Suicide Risk
(04/21/2014) Dramatic Effects Seen in Brains of Students Who Are Casual Marijuana Users
(04/21/2014) New Intervention to Improve Wellbeing in People with Psychiatric Problems
(04/21/2014) Optimism Linked to Reduced Risk of Heart Failure
(04/18/2014) Register Now for Free Webinar
(04/14/2014) National Prescription Drug Take Back Day
(04/14/2014) Inheritance of Traumas and How They May Be Mediated
(04/14/2014) Head Injuries Can Affect Social Lives of Children
(04/14/2014) Female Drinkers Face Greater Risks to Their Health from Alcohol
(04/14/2014) Reduce Middle School Violence with Targeted Programming
(04/14/2014) Belief That Eating Disorders Only Affect Women Hinders Treatment for Men
(04/14/2014) One Choice Can Destroy
(04/09/2014) EIC Generation Next Competition Announces Winners
(04/07/2014) Drawings Could Help Investigate Child Abuse
(04/07/2014) Depression Can Hike Risk of Heart Failure by 40 Percent
(04/07/2014) Scientists Test the Brain Region That Makes Us Averse to Alcohol
(04/07/2014) Depression in Youth May Lead to Sedentary Adult Behavior
(03/31/2014) Brain Differences in Some Drug Users May Signal Risk of Addiction
(03/31/2014) Vastly Under Reported Role of Alcohol in Traffic Deaths
(03/31/2014) Integrating Mental Health Services in Pediatric Practices
(03/31/2014) Doctors Should Be Part of Societal War Against Cyberbullying
(03/24/2014) Stroke Mortality Increased by Drinking Alcohol Several Times a Week
(03/24/2014) Obesity and Depression Linked in Teen Girls
(03/24/2014) Kids Tend to Pick Up Parental Alcohol and Drug Habits
(03/24/2014) Lifestyle Improvements May Prevent Depression
(03/24/2014) Call for Voice Awards Nominations
(03/24/2014) Webinar on Advancing LGBT Recovery Opportunities
(03/18/2014) What Is Recovery? Webinar
(03/17/2014) Study of Illegal Drug Use in the US
(03/17/2014) Light Drinking in Early Pregnancy Raises Risk of Small or Preterm Baby
(03/17/2014) Traumas May Have Immediate Impact on Child Health
(03/17/2014) Emotional Stress Linked to Heart Problems in Women
(03/17/2014) Meditation Eases Cancer Symptoms in Teens
(03/14/2014) Get Involved in National Prevention Week 2014
(03/11/2014) Enter your 2013 Recovery Month event to the Community Event Awards Program
(03/10/2014) Adolescent Relationship Violence Has Mental Health Implications
(03/10/2014) Just One Drink Affects Driving in Older Adults
(03/10/2014) People More Willing to Disclose Mental Health Problems
(03/10/2014) Talking Through Abuse Helps Kids Avoid PTSD
(03/04/2014) Making Drinking Illegal Before 21 Saves Lives
(03/04/2014) The Physical Pain of Social Exclusion
(03/04/2014) Stigma is the Main Barrier to Accessing Mental Health Care
(03/04/2014) Growing Drug and Alcohol Problems for Older People
(03/04/2014) Treatment for Youth Anxiety is Effective
(03/04/2014) Suicide in the Military
(02/21/2014) Schizophrenics at Greater Risk of Getting Diseases
(02/21/2014) Surprising Differences Revealed in Brain Activity of Alcohol-Dependent Women
(02/21/2014) Home + School Programs Modestly Slow Teen Prescription Drug Abuse
(02/21/2014) Family Problems Experienced in Childhood and Adolescence Affect Brain Development

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